SCAE Barista Skills Intermediate

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SCAE Barista Skills:


An intensive program teaching a deeper knowledge of coffee, espresso production, milk, and key barista skills.


  • The course is suitable for those already familiar with barista work wanting to consolidate their skills. Ideally the course is best taken after the Foundation Barista Course


  • Understanding your beans: species, origin, processing and roast
  • Workspace management: laying out your equipment efficiently
  • Fully understanding your “on demand” and traditional grinders
  • Effective dosing distribution and tamping
  • Understanding how to extract a “balanced” espresso
  • Some basic science about milk
  • Producing excellent “microfoam“
  • Essential latte art skills
  • Preparing a full range of drinks on the barista’s menu at speed
  • Hygiene and , Health & Safety for baristas
  • Customer service for baristas
  • Basic machine maintenance
  • Understanding your drinks profit margins
    • Lunch (provided each day – let us know any dietary requirements)
    • The two days include lots of practical experience using a range of quality espresso equipment. Training notes are provided.

Max Class Size: 6

Time: 09:30-17:00 (2 Days)

Cost: £400 per person

Certificate: €80-SCAE Members / €150 Non Members (Optional)

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