SCAE Barista Skills Foundation

MUMAC London stack SCAE Barista Skills:


This hands on class will get you functioning at a professional work-rate and flow that is clean precise and efficient


  • Anyone who has just bought, or is thinking of buying, an espresso machine
  • Anyone planning to open a café
  • People using an espresso machine who want to get better result
  • The course is aimed at commercial espresso machine users but keen home baristas are welcome too.


  • A brief introduction to your coffee: varieties, origins and flavours
  • The importance of freshness
  • Choosing the right machine and grinder
  • Setting your grinder: dose and grind texture
  • Calibrating your espresso machine: water quantities and temperature
  • Steps to producing your espresso
    • Lunch (provided – let us know any dietary requirements)
    • Introduction to milk
    • Techniques to texturing and foaming
    • The barista menu
    • Introduction to latte art
    • Care & maintenance of your machine

Max Class Size: 6

Time: 09:30-17:00 (1 Day)

Cost: £150 per person

Certificate: €50 (Optional)

Foundation pic