La Cimbali UK - M39 TE Espresso Machine

M39 TE Dosatron

Design by Salvemini

The M39 series is Cimbali’s flagship traditional espresso machine.   This is a robust, workhorse and is very reliable even under extreme working conditions.

This automatic espresso coffee machine is  equipped with a new advanced electronics that allows extensive connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, for example with the Cimbali Magnum On Demand Wireless grinder.

The boiler is equipped with the patented Smart Boiler system and it is insulated with a special material that reduces heat loss for a daily energy savings of 23%.

  • Two, three and four group automatic, multi selection coffee machine
  • Advanced electronics
  • Tall cup
  • Smart Boiler technology (patented)
  • Thermodrive
  • Boiler insulated with a special material that reduces heat loss
  • 1 standard steam wand and 1 Turbosteam Milk4 (for 4 milk recipes)
  • 1 hot water wand
  • 2 hot water selections
  • USB port and Bluetooth connection with Magnum on Demand
  • Wireless (option)
  • Green machine: Energy Saving software functions; recyclable materials
  • Electric cup warmer (3 temperature settings)
  • “Titanium Silver” body and customised colours



The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the appliances without notice.

M39 TE Dosatron