M34 Espresso Machine

M34 Espresso Machine with integral PGS (Perfect Grinding System) Blue Tooth Grinder. This award winning mid-priced point machine consistently delivers great tasting coffee!

This machine guarantees a versatile response to all of your reliability and coffee making needs.

The new PGS-enabled M34 Selectron is a mid-market traditional espresso machine with all of the key user features you would expect from La Cimbali, including TurboSteam 4, a steam wand designed to help a busy barista or boost confidence in untrained staff which is essential for today’s specialty coffee menu.

Why the M34 Espresso Machine with PGS?

  • Offers consistent espresso extraction;
  • TurboSteam 4 allows hand-free milk heating and texturing;
  • Bluetooth connection – this allows the machine to communicate with the wireless grinder in a simple and easy way;
  • Computerised graphic display;
  • Programmable dosing;
  • Very easy to use including an auto wash feature;
  • Provides quality and consistency in the cup;
  • Advanced electronics means a perfect espresso is achieved every time; and
  • Hi-tech solutions help energy efficiency.

Features to love about the La Cimbali M34 Espresso Machine

M34 1The Bluetooth connection allows the machine to communicate with the award winning Cimbali PGS Magnum on Demand Grinder, in an easy and simple way.

The Smart Boiler that optimises hot water and steam performance is a patented software and helps to prevent drops during production on heavy duty periods. This boiler is optimised for energy saving purposes as it is insulated, which helps to decrease thermal dispersion.

The M34 also has special software installed that helps to reduce energy consumption when in stand-by. This can be activated directly by the barista or it could also be programmed. This allows the machine to not completely switch off, but still save on energy. Operating conditions can be quickly restored in a few minutes.

As any barista will tell you, it’s all about the grind and the M34 delivers to a consistent standard with every brew.

Available now with comprehensive after sales support.

M34 Espresso Machine