MUMAC (coffee equipment museum) Cimbali

To celebrate 100 years since the beginning of Gruppo Cimbali, the Cimbali Group marked this historic milestone by the opening of the Museum of Espresso Coffee Machines (MUMAC). This coffee equipment museum is the world’s first and largest permanent exhibition, devoted to the world history and culture of Espresso Coffee Machines.

This extraordinary museum covers the early 1900’s until the present day. It tells the stories of more than 200 Coffee Machines using 15,000 extremely important and valuable archive documents and audio visual materials, that captivate visitors to the museum.

MUMAC, the Museum of Coffee-Making Machines, located just a few kilometres outside Milan, opened on 12th October 2012. It is the richest and most comprehensive collection of coffee machines in the world. This coffee machine collection represents and protects the Italian heritage of the last 100 years in this sector. Technology and Italian design are, in fact, told through a multimedia pathway, packed with audio-visual stimuli and backed up with a range of historically important documents.

There are many rare models both in the collection and at MUMAC, some are prototypes or unique models, others are industrially successful models of which up to 10,000 were produced.

La Cimbali has a rich history and heritage. During the last 100 years, we have built our brand on providing the best quality and innovative coffee machines possible, each one designed to meet the different needs of our customers.

Today, thanks to Gruppo Cimbali and MUMAC, the history of coffee has become a story to savour in every sense of the word.

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