M100 Artisan Coffee Machine

Introduction to the La Cimbali M100 Artisan Coffee Machine

The M100 Artisan Coffee Machine has elegance, reliability, versatility, technology, energy saving and high performance all rolled into one top quality commercial coffee machine.  The finest tradition of Italian espresso coffee is demonstrated in the eye-catching shape and design of the M100.  This new professional machine for the bar was produced to celebrate the first hundred years of Gruppo Cimbali success.  Its simple design is also aimed at the maximum ease of use, combined with the highest performance in terms of consistent quality in the cup.  The M100 expresses an approach in line with the needs and tastes of the third wave barista.

The M100 is available in two versions: GT and HD.  The machine is also available in three different finishes: Brushed aluminium, glossy white and matt black.  This was inspired by the machine’s ‘automotive style’, and the more contemporary glossy white M100 just oozes quality and craftsmanship, making a very strong design statement, with it’s styling cues from the automotive industry.

The M100 will create a stunning focal point in any environment.

M100 GT version.

The GT technology combines flexibility and thermal stability with the well known reliability of Cimbali products. The M100 GT patented thermal system is made of a boiler equipped with two heat exchangers, which work in series, to pre-heat the water before being fed into an independent boiler for each group. This ensures excellent thermal stability and flexibility, as it allows to easy adjustment, in a few seconds, with the temperature of each group.

M100 HD version

Water temperature and extraction pressure: these are the key variables of a perfect espresso coffee. To control them simultaneously, Cimbali patented the HD (High Definition) technology which allows you to run and guide the extraction process in a simple and intuitive way. Not only does the M100 HD provide maximum flexibility in adjusting the delivery temperature, but it also gives the barista a further plus: the electronic modulation of water pressure. This allows the setting of the ideal pressure profile, depending on the used coffee blend, drawing the most appropriate flavour sensations to enhance the organoleptic characteristics.

The new Cimbali flagship M100 Artisan Coffee Machine is a technological jewel, which expertly combines cutting-edge performance, with a charming design.

Who is the M100 Artisan Coffee Machine for?

Cimbali’s M100 traditional espresso machine is aimed at the ‘Next Generation Barista’ who is eager to push boundaries in order to meet the demands of an ever more knowledgeable public.  A M100 gives the barista the ability to highlight flavour characteristics and balance of sweetness, acidity, and bitter as well as changing mouth-feel and body.  The Baristas can experiment with signature drinks and prepare the coffee exactly how they wish.  The M100 will take the speciality menu to the next level.

La Cimbali - Commercial Coffee MachinesBenefits of the M100 Artisan Coffee Machine

The benefits of the M100 include:

  • Touch Screen technology for ‘on the fly’ changes to pressure profiles and settings
  • Energy saving
  • High performance
  • Eye catching design and functionality
  • Versitile, with the ability to produce high quality coffee exactly as required
  • Ruveco Teck treatment, a production process that drastically reduces the release of metals in the delivered drinks
  • The USB port allows connection to the most advanced technologies and it also makes it possible to update the machine software.
  • The M100GT comes complete with ‘bluetooth’, allowing bluetooth linking with a Cimbali grinder-doser. This enables the grinder to constantly communicate with M100 GT and ensures the perfect extraction
  • A patented Smart Boiler technology, which optimises the replenishment of water in the boiler and controls the thermal balance.

The Technical bit…

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