Cimbali PGS steals the show with Award win at Caffe Culture

Carl BjkorkstrandLa Cimbali, the world’s largest coffee machine manufacturer stole the opening day of Caffe Culture 2014 by scooping ‘Best Innovative Product at the Show’, for its ground breaking Perfect Grinding System (PGS), a fail safe, proven, technology which guarantees a consistent coffee quality with every brew cycle irrespective of the skills of the barista.

Cimbali PGS technology was developed to help compensate for some of the challenges operators can face on a daily basis.  The industry is known for a reliance on casual and  unskilled staff and  a consequence of that can be a drop in coffee quality. “Using Cimbali PGS means it doesn’t matter if the barista started yesterday or has years of experience,  the coffee will always be delivered to a pre-determined quality,” explains Carl Bjorkstrand, managing director Cimbali UK.

PGS self adjusting technology ‘talks’ to the coffee machine through the working day and regulates the grind as required.  This eliminates the need  for regular ‘espresso checks’ and daily adjustments to the grinder which although are essential to maintain the coffee quality, often get forgotten about, especially when there are queues at the till.

Helen Marriott of Show organisers Upper Street Events who judged the Awards said “We received over 60 entries for this category so it was not an easy decision to make. When staff are off sick, on hols, or just inexperienced, it can be difficult to produce consistently good coffee day in day out.  What stood out was the fact that Cimbali’s PGS really helps the operator serve great coffee, easily, every day, in a very practical, hands on way. Using Cimbali PGS is a guaranteed way to make sure the coffee is always great and that was a deciding factor.”

PGS technology was originally only available on Cimbali’s M39 traditional espresso machine via the Magnum on Demand Grinder. Such has been the impact, that PGS is being rolled out across the product portfolio, initially on other traditional machines such as the M100 but also to the superautomatic range too where it plays a vital part in driving up beverage standards within a pressurised environment.

“Naturally we are delighted to win another Award for our PGS technology.  It is especially rewarding to have our achievements  recognised from within the industry. All credit must go to our development team in Milan who are focussed on developing next generation technologies which support the role of the barista,” concludes Carl.

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Cimbali PGS steals the show with Award win at Caffe Culture